You love your horses and always want to ensure they are clean and healthy. As a horse lover you admire their natural beauty, especially the hair on their body. Taking care of your horse’s hair requires a specialized shampoo like Mane-Stay. Regular grooming is very important to give your horse a proper look. It’s the most effective and affordable way to prevent horse diseases. That may sound simple but it’s very true. Grooming is as beneficial as their mutual crawling within the herd.

Equine’s skin and coat are vulnerable to the impact of the elements. Mane-Stay will help remove dirt and dust from the coat. It serves as a kind of massage for the horse. Mane-Stay will also help combat irritation caused by tacks. It removes contaminants that could cause your four legged friends discomfort. A lot of equine lovers believe water alone eliminates sweat and dirt. But, a deep cleanser like Mane-Stay is needed to ensure your horse looks clean and sparkling.

What Is Mane-Stay?

Mane-Stay is an all in one shampoo, conditioner and detangler for horses. It contains no ammonia, skin drying solvents, or abrasives. It gives your horse show winning sheen, without the harmful chemicals. It does not contain any chemicals that will upset your equine’s skin. This horse shampoo and conditioner cleans, softens, smoothes, and protects your horse’s coat, from mane to tail. There is nothing as beautiful as a horse shining from mane to tail. Mane-Stay will help you achieve that.

This product is formulated to create a protective barrier for your horse. It does this with its thickness and lotionized cleaning agents. Its protective barrier embeds into the pores of the horse. This ensures long lasting action. The aromatic Lilac and Lemon scent in Mane-Stay is both soothing and stress relieving. It will help relieve your equine’s stress and yours too while you apply it on the horse. Mane-Stay is the absolute best choice for horse trainers, ranchers, competitors, and hobbyists.

Mane-Stay removes dirt, grime, tar, paint, adhesives, grease, and oil from your horse’s hair and coat. These things can bring great discomfort to your horse if left to stay. Using Mane-Stay is guarantee for ensuring that your horse enjoys a healthy body, free of grime and tar. This product is a special formula. It’s made for white horses, black horses, Friesians, and Clydesdales. It will help give your equine the sheen it deserves.

Mane-Stay is a subsidiary of Go2-Brands. They’re an industry leading manufacturer of cleaners, polishes, personal care and detergents. Go2-Brands has more years of expertise in the industry than most living people. This is because the company has 85 years of expertise, producing the best products. Mane-Stay is a new product. It’s formulated and refined from a similar proven product, for humans. It’s been carefully tested and certified. You are invited to enjoy these years of experience in making industry leading cleaning products. You can do so by adopting Mane-Stay for your horse.

The Mane-Stay Promise

Mane-Stay is a product of excellence in the market. The product has four fundamental promises to users. It offers best quality, safety, satisfaction and most important, love. It’s safe for external use. When compared to the rest of its competitors, Mane-Stay can confidently be regarded as superior quality. It ensures satisfaction for customers. It’s a product created for the love of horses. This is evident in the great benefit it offers your horse.

The Effects Of Proper Horse Grooming With Mane-Stay

The ingredients in Mane-Stay do not affect the pH of the skin. It absorbs fluid and reduces skin dryness and dandruff. This helps to keep the equine’s skin elastic. Grooming with Mane-Stay removes dirt and dead skin cells. This will in turn enhance the horse’s own detoxification process. Brush the equine’s hair properly before you ride him. This will remove any remaining dirt on the back that may cause the saddle or pad to rub. Grooming with Mane-Stay improves blood circulation and lymph flow. This provides the skin with more nutrients.

Proper grooming with Mane-Stay strengthens and nourishes the hair follicle. This promotes a healthy and shiny coat. It will get rid of skin irritation without drying the skin or affecting the hair negatively.

The All In One Effect of Mane-Stay

Mane-Stay is a three in one equine shampoo, conditioner, and detangler. This means that you have the benefit of three products in a single bottle. If this is not a good way to save money, then what is? Instead of having to apply conditioner after using shampoo on your horse, Mane-Stay will save you the stress and cost. You are already doing two at the same time. Below is a breakdown of the amazing benefits the all-in-one effect of Mane-Stay will achieve for your horse’s skin and hair.


The shampoo effect of Mane-Stay will remove dirt and excess oil from the surface of your horse’s hair fibres and coat. It will remove the unwanted build up of sebum without stripping out so much. It contains a surfactant for thorough cleaning and a solvent. It will remove surface debris from the skin. It will also improve the pH balance of your equine’s skin. It does not cause irritation or loss of necessary oils.


Mane-Stay conditions your horse’s hair from the mane to the tail by improving its feel and appearance. It will look smooth, shiny, and softer. Mane-Stay strengthens the hair and reduces friction between strands of hair. This allows easier brushing or combing. With this product, you can make your horse look radiant, so much that it becomes the center of attraction at horse shows.


As a detangler Mane-Stay helps separate the hairs of the mane and tail. It removes knots and prevents the hair from tangling. It will improve the health of the individual strands of hair on your horse’s skin. It looks beautiful when every strand of hair stands majestically. This makes it very easy when brushing during grooming.

The Different Mane-Stay Product Variants

There are three package variants in which you will find the Mane-Stay Product. You may choose any of the three variants based on your preference. They are:

  • The Commercial Pack 12pk Mane-Stay Horse Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler
  • The Twin Pack Mane-Stay Horse Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler
  • The Value Pack 4pk Mane-Stay Horse Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler

Benefits of Using Mane-Stay for Your Horse

Improves the Color of Your Horse’s Skin

Mane-Stay reduces the chances of the color of your horse’s hair fading. It enhances the color of the skin. If your horse is a white horse Mane-Stay will purify the hair by eliminating yellow or brown tinge. For dark colored horses, the product will strengthen the color. But, Mane-Stay is not a whitening shampoo. It only ensures that the color of your horse is well maintained while it glows and shines. Having your white horse spotless without a yellow or brown tinge is very important. Especially if it’s a competition horse. You should walk into the arena looking stunning with your horse. Horses with fine colors that are not stained are a beauty to behold.

Keeps Dirt and Pollutants Away

If your horse likes to roll in muddy puddles, you should bathe it regularly with Mane-Stay. This will remove stains, dust, and oily residue from the horse’s coat. Some shampoos leave a dull look on the coat. This is caused by leftover suds or components in the shampoo. Mane-Stay does leaves not residue on your horse’s coat. It cleans and ensures you have a shining horse. It will lift every stain from a white coat and lock nutrients in while locking pollutants out.

Pleasant Fragrance

Mane-Stay imparts a pleasant fragrance into the body of your horse. This leaves it smelling nice. It has an aromatic Lilac and Lemon scent. This is both soothing to the nose and relieves stress. The smell of lilac and lemon helps to relieve stress in animals and human beings. When you use Mane-Stay, your horse will not smell of mud or stable odor. It’s important to keep an equine smelling nice, especially if it is a lesson horse. Your students will love it when they are riding a clean horse with a nice scent. This is a way of giving your equine business a good image and reputation. No rider likes a horse that smells bad.

Prevents Hair Damage and Repairs Damaged Hair

You don’t want your horse looking pale with damaged hair that reveals skin layers. That’s not a good sight. A horse with damaged hair looks unhealthy. Using Mane-Stay will prevent damage to your horse’s hair. It softens the air and leaves them smooth. Mane-Stay also prevents hair damage that may occur during grooming.

Safe for Human Skin

Some horse shampoo irritates the human skin. This does not apply when using Mane-Stay. It was formulated to be mild and effective. This takes into consideration the skin of the person who will be applying the shampoo on the horse. Sometimes, you may accidentally drop the shampoo in your eye while using it. All you need to do is quickly rinse your face with clean water. You can rest assured that there won’t be any problems.

How Often Should You Wash Your Horse With Mane-Stay?

You should not wash your horse too often. In fact, with Mane-Stay you don’t need to wash your equine too often. Especially if the horses are kept in a natural environment, for example, an open plan stabling. Horses that are kept in stuffy stable conditions may need more regular washing with Mane-Stay than those under open plan stabling. This also applies to horses that are kept in such a way that no rain touches them and washes dirt off for a long time. The same applies to horses that are not exposed to wind that blows off dirt particles from their skin.

Horses that are exposed to stuffy stable air should be washed every week. Horses that are kept in natural environments, like open plan stabling, can be washed with Mane-Stay every two weeks. Washing more often than this may disturb the sebaceous layer of the skin of the horse. This will make the horse prone to disease.

Bathing your horse with Mane-Stay helps to keep the skin and coat healthy. You may not wash your horse during winter. But a good wash after winter is advisable. It will help to wash off all winter dirt. You may want to use lukewarm water. Using lukewarm water promotes blood circulation. This will contribute to the skin’s health. During summer you may wash more regularly.

Always ensure you groom your horse on a regular basis. Proper grooming of the horse goes a long way in ensuring that the horse has healthy skin. It will help remove all unwanted pollutants on the skin as well. You should brush your horse before riding it everyday. Grooming serves as a good massage for your horse. A well groomed horse is likely to be at its best compared to one that does not have proper care. Mane-Stay is always a very good agent in helping to ensure that your horse’s skin enjoys the best of health.

How To Use Mane-Stay

Using Mane-Stay to wash your horse is very easy. Here is a step by step guide that will help you achieve the best result. Follow the explanation below to ensure that your horse gets the best out of Mane-Stay.

Step 1: Gather all the equipment you will need. You will need:

  • A hose
  • Bucket
  • Several big sponges
  • A rubber mitt
  • A scrapper
  • A few towels
  • Mane-Stay Horse Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler

Step 2: Wet your horse all over with mild warm water, using a hose for convenience. Work the water stream upward slowly from the front hoods and lower legs. Ensure you point the spray away from the horse’s head. Next, go from the neck down his back and down his flanks and hind legs, then under his body. Finally, lift the spray well under the tail and down between the legs and then hose down the tail itself.

Step 3: The next step is to apply Mane-Stay. Put a sponge into an empty bucket and add warm water. Pour Mane-Stay Horse Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangler and more warm water on top of the sponge. Adding these at the same time builds suds. Using a circular motion, start soaking the neck. Then move to the front legs, back flanks, under the body and down the hind legs.

Step 4: Use a different sponge for the tail area and between the hind legs. Use plenty of water for the tail. Dunk the tail into the bucket to re-wet it so the liquid can gain better access. Work the Mane-Stay liquid in thoroughly with your fingers all the way to the end of the tail. Keep adding water to keep it sudsy.

Step 5: Return to the mane. Use your fingers or rubber mitt to work the suds in right down to the roots. Go over the whole body again in the same order. The horse’s face should be washed gently. Stay away from the eye area.

Step 6: Thoroughly rinse your horse. Make sure you follow the same process as when you were wetting the horse. This time use more water and ensure the horse is well rinsed. Don’t forget the face. Rinse the face gently with a lot of water.

Step 7: Take a clean towel and dry the body of the horse. Don’t leave your horse dripping with water. It’s better to dry the body with a towel.

FAQ About Mane-Stay

Is Mane-Stay safe for my horse?

Mane-Stay is absolutely safe for your horse. It will help improve the health of your horse and ensure a healthy skin condition. Apply Mane-Stay as described and you will see your horse clean and shinning.

What happens if I get Mane-Stay in my eyes?

If Mane-Stay drops in your eyes, there is no cause for alarm. Make sure you get clean water and rinse your face with it. The product is mild.

Where can I buy Mane-Stay?

You will find Mane-Stay in leading grocery stores all over the United States. You can call the phone number on the website for further inquiries.

How often should I use Mane-Stay?

This depends on a lot of variables like weather and the conditions under which your horse is kept. Use Mane-Stay every two weeks for horses kept in a natural environment. You may use once every week for horses kept in stuffy stable conditions.


Mane-Stay is one of the best and most effective products on the market. It offers a three in one solution for your horse’s coat and hair. Using Mane-Stay will guarantee a clean horse that smells nice. The product is formulated to protect their skin from diseases. It creates a barrier that helps prevent pollutants. With Mane-Stay, you can rest assured that your equine’s color will be well maintained. This will leave your horse looking radiant and beautiful. That’s definitely something you want for your horse.